CBD HerbaBuena Pax Pod

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Buy 1:1 CBD HerbaBuena pax pod for sale. HerbaBuena is a cannabis company which produces premium products. That said, the 1:1 CBD HerbaBuena pax pod composes of equal amounts between THC and CBD. The balance in these cannabinoids  gives the user an easily controlled and an equally non-intoxicating high. Also, the entourage effect suggest that CBD and THC work better together and not in isolation.

Vaping this pod does not usually get the consumer really high and feeling like playing among the clouds. It however gives a really pleasant and mellow feeling. As such, first time users will definitely want to start off by vaping this pod. Some reports of vaping this pod equally states that it gives a clear mind which can focus on daily task.

This pod usually takes some time to kick in. However, upon kicking in, it gives an uplifting feeling and equally a relaxed and clear minded happiness. It equally stimulates arousal on some occasions and may also provide a pleasant tingling sensation in the body.  The THC and CBD levels equally combine to give a total of 75% of this hemp oil.

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